Twins, Twins

I just thought I would post a silly memory I have from college. We were 19 or so and it was our first year in a four year college. We had nearly the same schedule, as both of us had no clue what we wanted to do with our lives. So, we have this Spanish presentation and our professor is an Chilean nut. Seriously, the funniest professor I will ever know or have- He spent an entire class lecturing about Spanish curse words. I really loved this man.

Anyways, back to the subject. I quickly rushed through my presentation in Spanish about Freida Kahlo, and made it very interesting, as her life was. Then it was Miss Ellie’s turn, but what our professor didn’t realize is that we had switched seats and cardigans. I walked up there with a large grin on my face and gave her presentation. It was a very humorous class.  Oh, yes, all our classmates noticed, and they told him after class. It was just a touch of jealously. Ever since we had received the highest grade in the class for our kickass video project, they had it out for us (or at least three did).  Dr. Salvo loved us so much that he didn’t care. He thought it was awesome.  I think he’s living in one of East Texas’ private communities.

It was awesome having a twin in college. I had a geology class that nearly put me to sleep, so Ellie and I switched (nearly everyday). I took her Art History course, and I made a  pretty good grade.  I know, that’s wrong, but please don’t be bitter. Not everyone is as lucky as we are. We were just dealt a pair of queens. I guess we weren’t really dealt that hand, my parents were. . . so sorry Mom and Dad.

Have a good one.


Got a Twin? Me too (Part II)

I do have an identical twin. Ellie is considered to be one minute older, though that is altogether debatable since we were born in the early 80’s and my mom had a c-section. She was slightly over 5 pounds, while I was under 5pds.  My mom likes to reminisce about our tiny, but long fingers. I think we were deemed a miracle because Mom and Dad had 3 sons.

My mom told me a few years ago that my sister, Ellie and I took care of one another.  I think us taking care of one another somewhat hurt my mom’s feelings.  It, of course, was never intentional. Hell, I didn’t even know we were doing it.  So, if you are having twins or are a young twin beware of some sort of maternal neglect. I never had to worry about that with my Clint Eastwood father. He really is like the old gunslinger. That’s another place and time though.

Ellie and I are best friends, but a lot of resentment is born when we don’t see one another. I haven’t spoken to her in a week, and it basically sucks. I do notice that when I go to her house, she really takes care of me. “Would you like something to drink or eat?” We both love it when she cooks me dinner. I know, I know, I’m silly.

When I moved out of our parents’ house the final time (total of 2xs), it took 2 years for us to have a civil relationship. She recently told me that she was having separation anxiety, and that it was common in twins.  She got kind of scary depressed there for some time, but then again, I guess we both did.

I should refleTwin Girlsct on good/funny memories. Once when we were about 4, my mom took us to get our ears pierced. We knew something was wrong about 2 minutes into the drive because she was not driving in the direction of our preschool. She took us to the doctor’s office to have our ears stabbed. No wonder we were scared to death!  The doctor came in and we began to embarrass the hell out of my mom by saying to each other, “You go first. NO! You go first!”  We both walked out of that office earring-less.  Ha, sorry Mom, Game Over, You Lose!

It’s awesome being a twin. Though we’re definitely not as close, I can still read her thoughts, and feel what she feels.  I do believe we share a soul and clothes. I’m waiting on her to get sick of her new clothes. She wears them once or twice and their mine. I never had to buy clothes in high school.

Naturally, we have our competitive elements to us. She thinks I’m smarter and that I’m always right about everything. I told her the last time she said that that she was right.  Have to let her be right at some point, right?  I think she’s beautiful (she knows it) and flirts with significant others on purpose.  The funny thing is that neither one us work on fixing these insecurities. I’m not fashionable or socially presentable (most days), and she doesn’t read (of course she can-she has a psychology degree)

A large influence in my life with regards to Ellie is my thoughts. Or maybe the diction of my thoughts.  I say or think, “we,” “let’s,” and “us” A LOT!  I guess some things will stay with you forever. Thank God.

Identical Twins are Fun!

Me and Ellie

Ellie and Me

Last night, I was listening to A Perfect Circle‘s song, Orestes and I was suddenly taken back to a few months ago when my family and I went on vacation to Sylva, NC and stayed at Balsam Mountain Preserve. It’s amazing and wonderful how sensations trigger our memory.  How lucky are we?

I played that song over and over last night just so I could feel like I was at the pool with my twin.  It worked. I remember our conversations, our drinks, and our suits.

Though, we had a great time, I miss her. We aren’t that far away, it does not matter, my soul still aches!  Our lives are hectic, so we don’t see each other so much. Oh, sweet separation anxiety!  Does anyone else experience that? I thought it would go away 5 years ago, but it hasn’t. Everyday I wake up and wish we lived together, but that’s not reality, for now.

Old Crow Me

I will be one old bitter lady if we aren’t living together by then.  My saliva will turn to lemon juice and my eyes will be like a crow’s!