Identical Twins are Fun!

Me and Ellie

Ellie and Me

Last night, I was listening to A Perfect Circle‘s song, Orestes and I was suddenly taken back to a few months ago when my family and I went on vacation to Sylva, NC and stayed at Balsam Mountain Preserve. It’s amazing and wonderful how sensations trigger our memory.  How lucky are we?

I played that song over and over last night just so I could feel like I was at the pool with my twin.  It worked. I remember our conversations, our drinks, and our suits.

Though, we had a great time, I miss her. We aren’t that far away, it does not matter, my soul still aches!  Our lives are hectic, so we don’t see each other so much. Oh, sweet separation anxiety!  Does anyone else experience that? I thought it would go away 5 years ago, but it hasn’t. Everyday I wake up and wish we lived together, but that’s not reality, for now.

Old Crow Me

I will be one old bitter lady if we aren’t living together by then.  My saliva will turn to lemon juice and my eyes will be like a crow’s!


Help! Need ideas for twin’s b-day gift!!

So, every year I select a birthday present for my twin sister Eleanor, or Ellie, and it’s never any good.  My sister likes the finer things in life.  She dresses up every day and I stare at her with wonder. She wears Tahitian pearls to work. So, I have a lot of competing to do against those freshwater pearls!  Will somebody Help Me?!!

Ellie likes nice things.  Every year I get her something I deem as lovely and delicate, but she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t come out and say that, but she doesn’t wear it either.

So, what do you think I should get her?

I have some ideas down below.  If you can think of something better, I’d love to hear about it.  She mentioned this online silver jewelry store a few months ago. Her [our] birthday isn’t until April 7th, so I have almost a month to pick her out something.

Silver Turquoise Heart Pendant

Heart Pendant

Turquoise Necklace

Silver Turquoise Necklace

Silver Turquoise Butterfly Pin

Turquoise Butterfly


– Lucy