Jeepers, You’re Giving me the Creepers

I must say sometimesNosy Nellie my friend Jane has some unfortunate luck, well as far as home renting/living. I  vividly remember laughing with her in her kitchen as we waited for the police to arrive. Her mailbox had been assaulted  . . . once again. This was in her rental home, and the assaults happened twice within the last two months. I’d definitely say she was targeted, since none of the 20+ neighbors ended up with a demolished mailbox.

Jane’s an odd character, kind of like the youthful, elderly neighborhood spy, peeking out the window and making very wild assumptions and accusations. I like her.

She believes her neighbor is having an affair or has a drug addiction, as he owns the commercial property next door, and is in and out of the office at all hours of the early night (9ish-lol).

Now that she has her own home, she’s been peeking and creeping to see who’s littering in her front yard.  She owns some Asheville NC real estate on a main street.  I told her she’s wasting her time, but she’s so paranoid. She goes as far as leaving her large jewelry box, full of sterling silver jewelry, and a beautiful Hope chest at her parents’ house because she thinks someone will see her bringing it into the house and then . . .

Yeah, it’s tiring. Poor Jane. I actually suspect she likes all this early morning, late night watching. My only concern is that she’s wasting her time worrying. Wasted time just means wasted life.  Maybe I’ll win the lottery and install a large fence and security system in her house.  I suppose some people just have to live life like that .  . .