Who knew I’d like kids?

I never thought of myself as an irritable person until I spent time with my niece.  The first few times I saw her, she was just weeks old, and all she did was cry and cry and cry. I couldn’t stand to be around her. But by  3 months old, she was smiling at me. I thought it was amazing because she was so young. Then around 14 months old she began to say my name, “Lucy”.  I only saw her once a week at the time, and I couldn’t believe it.  What a smart kid!  And she calls my dad, “Papa Ken.”  No one in our family has ever said that! Amazing!

I felt the same way about my nephew, Philip. I thought he was so annoying. I wondered why any person[s] would want to give up freedom to have a demon.

But as Loren had began to smile at 3 months, so did Philip.  He even said, “Dada” at 8 months old.  And of course, there’s the growling and high-pitched and adorable squeals.

The more Loren and Philip developed, the more I felt like a kid again. I hadn’t experienced pure joy in such a long time that I had forgotten about it.  I began babysitting on Friday and Saturday nights and didn’t think twice about it.

Love is a funny thing and so are kids. Before these two came along I was not nearly as happy or pleasant. They really have softened my soul.  Tell me about your kids!