I don’t get it

Recently, I was on the hunt for a new silver jewelry necklace. I looked online and at stores, and I noticed a common, stupid trend. Yeah, these places advertised their jewelry with images of celebrities sporting similar products. Come on!  I am 100% sure that my fashion is not any in way influenced by celebrities. You know how I know this? I’m still wearing the same clothes and shoes that I’ve been wearing since five years ago.

Okay, that statement was truthful. Today, I am wearing older clothes.  I don’t watch enough tv or ever read magazines, so is my style mended by the fake personality of a celebrity? I suppose it’s the fashion designers and then the sticks that wear their lines. Am I having an identity crisis? No, I was just thinking about individuality, and I didn’t see any when I was shopping. It was annoying that these shops were marketing to  . . .hmm. I’ll save that thought for later.

I mean, who the hell cares what those camera junkies are wearing?