Earnestly Scared Stupid

When I was a little girl (about 8 years old) I saw Ernest Scared Stupid for the first time. I think it is without a doubt, the best Halloween movie in the entire galaxy. My favorite scene stars Ernest trying to figure out what destroys the troll. He comes to the conclusion that meack (me-ack) is the answer to end the terror of the small booger-faced monsters. Of course, it’s not meack but milk. But meack couldn’t take down the King daddy of booger lips. Only love could destroy the ultimate troll.

Ernest TrollI was so afraid of this movie that I had a real difficult time going outside and when I did, I carried my brother’s baseball bat. My imagination taunted me as I walked down the driveway for the mail because I was sure that booger lips had crammed himself into our standard-sized mailbox, and he was going to turn me into a wooden statue when I opened the door.

What a dork!

Beetlejuice was pretty awesome too, but way more scary to me back then. I hear it now, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beeltejuice!” I used to imagine him in the curtains of our bedroom while everyone else was sleeping. It was awful (and wonderful) to have such a strong imagination.


Dad and a New Bass Boat

So, my dad thinks it’s time for a new bass boat. It’s rather exciting to see him giddy like a little boy, which only happens once in a blue moon. He’s a stoic man of 65 years of age. All of us refer to him as Clint Eastwood (he really looks like him too), especially after seeing Grand Torino. He gives great advice, but sometimes doesn’t apply such wisdom to his own life.

When I was 15 or so, he bought a motorcycle, then he got sick of it after 6 months, and I don’t think he’s cranked it since then.  Shortly after the motorcycle purchase, he bought a sports car. It’s a BMW M-series (not sure if those are made anymore) that he had custom designed. It’s a beauty, but he only drives it about 3 times a year. I guess the only thing that really matters is if it makes him smile. That’s pretty important.

So, now we move on to a new or used bass boat. I’m hoping he’s practical this time. I have directed him towards several online sites with the type of bass boat he wants, with  hopes that he will go with a used one, which will still be like ‘new’ to him.  I think we’re both quite fond of this boat. He loves red and this baby is a Stratos. From the reviews I’ve read online, it sounds like a great deal.

Watching the men in my life brings me to the conclusion that they are all very silly when it comes to man toys- Whether it be my dad and his shiny, fast vehicles or my brothers and their sleek, black rifles and handguns, or my friends and their iPads and iPhones.  Nonetheless,  they all make me smile and create the urge to roll my eyes.  I guess my cars and guns are jewelry and books.

Bald Mermaids?

Bald MermaidLet’s say mermaids are real.  How do they grow hair under water? Wouldn’t the scalp become super wrinkled?  Just makes me wonder how hair could grow out of a pruny scalp and maintain that hair. Wouldn’t it be brittle because of water erosion?

Okay, I just found some evidence that mammals can grow water while living in water. Apparently, dolphins have a ‘do’ of their own, a tiny ‘do’.

Why do I care? If mermaids don’t have hair, then The Little Mermaid is forever changed in my mind.

Mountain Life

North Carolina MountainsI’m visiting my aunt Sarah, this weekend. I’m excited because she lives in the hills of western North Carolina. She has a beautiful log cabin with the nearest neighbor miles away. How nice that would be?!  That’s what I want when I’m old. I can’t imagine living in the city for the rest of my life. That would be one of my biggest regrets.

Sarah has a pond behind her cabin with a nice little dock. She also has a garden with vegetables and fruits.  The last time I spoke to her, she was excitedly anticipating blueberries. I’m sure they’re plumb by now. Blueberry picking is fun. Her dalmatian, Dally, even helps.

Ah, the fresh smell of pine. It gets kind of cool in her house. I like visiting in the dead of winter.  She has a nice fireplace, but ironically her home is heated by propane gas. I guess as she has gotten older, she’s too tired to split her own wood. Gas is convenient because it’s delivered the same day she orders it, but it doesn’t give off that wonderful smell.  What’s more ironic is Sarah used to be a naturalist. She interviewed at Balsam Mountain Preserve when they first opened some ten years ago, but she didn’t want to move.

So, we’re going to the Saturday Umbrella Market located in Pritchard Park in Asheville. I love markets, and yard sales. I’m looking for vintage chairs. I sand them down, stain them and add new upholstery.  I have renovated two since last year. I’m working on  a  dining room table set of mix-matched chairs. Cool, right?  If I don’t have luck there, I’ll just shop for sterling silver jewelry! Either way, Sarah and I are going to have a blast.


Bass Fishing in North Carolina

Feed Me Squirrel

Hey all.  Have any of you heard any bass fishing myths? I was looking online at one of my dad’s fishing heroes (don’t ask why!) and I came across this fishing forum and saw a discussion about bass fishing in NC myths.

I read one comment about a guy saying he knew bass fish could eat squirrels and other large animals. If that’s the case, why don’t we round up some squirrel catchers and go feed these aquatic vertebrate?

I know this isn’t a bass, he’s just cute.
Tell me your fishing myths! Please! I’ll be forced to make up some on my own, if you don’t.

You probably won’t catch anything if the cows are on lying in the grass. 😛

Pregnancy Pains

Last night, we celebrated my mom’s 63rd birthday. We had a great time. We enjoyed good conversation and cake!  Part of the night was focused on my sister-in-law Lily and her relentless back pain.

Lily’s in her second trimester and she’s huge! She’s having a little boy and I don’t know what it is about boys, but they do tend to position themselves directly in the center of the stomach. She looks like she has a basketball lodged in her abdomen. I believe she said she’s gained about 20 pounds thus far. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. So, this morning, I scoured the web looking for pregnancy tips to relieve back pain. I found a pretty good back pain article that may just help her. She said she’d try anything, so we’ll see!

Lake Hartwell SC

I’m really excited about this new baby. Lily is my brother Alexander’s wife. They met while they were attending Clemson in 1999. It’s kind of a cute story. They were both doing some bass fishing in South Carolina on Lake Hartwell. Lily was with her friends when she saw Alex fall off the dock. I think he’d been out there way too long in the hot summer sun, plus the few drinks he had literally helped to push him over the edge. She left her friends to go help him out of the water. They spent that day together.  And they’ve been together ever since. Of course, I heard this from Lily, not Alex.  Intimacy is so scary! Lol.

This is their first child. The name they’ve chosen is Philip Oliver.  Philip was our grandpa and Oliver is our great uncle’s middle name.  Sentimental names are the best! This Philip makes the 4th in our family. I’ve actually thought about naming my future son, Philip. I’m a long ways away from that day though!


Hi all!

My family and I just got back from the OBX. It was our first time there, and we had a blast. It took us about 11 hours to get there if you include the stops. I think the thing I noticed the most was there was an actual beach there. We’re used to Edisto Island and Charleston, where there just isn’t so much beach. It was great. My nephew and niece were able to run up and down the beach, but they definitely didn’t swim. I’ve never seen the waves like that.  If you don’t mind fighting with the ocean, then it’s great for you, but I don’t think it’s okay for little kids!

We saw the lighthouse at Hatteras but I have forgotten its name. I wanted to climb it but there were a lot of people there and we were all pretty hungry.  We got to listen to a boy scout or man scout? talk about the lighthouses of the OBX. He was very passionate about these structures. Park Ranger!  He certainly didn’t like snakes! We spotted a black snake under a trashcan out front and told him and he said, “Hmm. . . snakes aren’t my thing.” We all thought that was amusing, since he was a boy scout! Ha!   So, he called out a brother scout and I suppose he took care of the little snake.

The house we rented was great. It was about a quarter of a mile from the beach. There was an awesome pool table, swimming pool, and a hot tub. I wish we owned a house out there. You never know, one day I may own one!

The restaurants were great.  My favorite was the little Cafe in front of the Avon Pier.  I ordered their hamburger and it was seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot!  Froggy Dog’s was pretty good too. They had a little play area for children that was really nice.  All the residents were very friendly and helpful.  We learned a lot about the history and local news through these people.

I got a surprise while I was there. My sister sent me a vacation present, which is a family tradition (i know, it’s weird).  She sent me this very lucky piece of amber silver jewelry.  Ellie wasn’t able to go with us for the first time this year, so it was really special that she sent me this amber piece which is symbolic of our first trip to the market in Charleston. We had a great time going through the jewelry and haggling with the sellers.  That was one of my first purchases at the market.  Here’s a picture of my new sterling silver jewelry gift!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and vacation. Hopefully, next year my sister will join us, and I’ll finish two books, instead of one.  If you haven’t been to the OBX, it’s definitely worth the drive or flight. That would have been nice! Hmm. maybe next year.

A Season of Rebirth

Silver Bangle BraceletI’ve been spending time this week trying to get ready for the beach.  I’m shopping for the perfect blouses, skirts, and silver jewelry bracelets.  It’s so much fun to treat myself. I figure since it’s the season of rebirth, why not redo my style?  I’m not very fashionable, but I”m working on changing that.  I had a professor in college that often said, “Only buy new clothes and jewelry when you have become a new person”, so that’s just what I’m doing. I’m going to start with a new sterling silver jewelry bangle bracelet from Silver Jewelry Etc.

Next, I’m going to shop for new blouses and skirts. I want to be light and shed these winter cardigans and pants. I think a light and airy look will do wonders for my spirit.

When was the last time you pampered yourself? Don’t you think it’s time for a rebirth? Let me know what makes you feel good about yourself.

Seattle Seasonal Allergies? Go to a Chiropractor

Hi all.  I just read an interesting article by a Seattle Chiropractor that says seasonal allergies may be relieved through various chiropractic services,             including spinal decompression.Chiropractor Relieves Allergies Apparently, you if have ever had spinal trauma, spinal adjustments and manipulations will improve your nervous system, thus improving your immune system. Pretty cool, aye?  I think so since I have severe seasonal allergies. Last week my allergies were so bad I was sure I had a cold!

This is great information for anyone that sufferers from allergies. Check it out, you may have a vertebral injury and not even know it.

The Easter Bunny was Here!

I dressed up as the Easter bunny and gave out candy and hid eggs for the little ones yesterday. It was such a gorgeous day. I don’t have a picture of my bunny debut, but maybe I’ll get one up this week.

So, every Easter we exchange gifts, celebrate the reason of Easter, and have a big dinner. It’s your traditional southern Easter Sunday. Well, this year I got a great present from my sister. It was ironic because I had discussed in previous posts that I didn’t know which turquoise piece to give her on our birthday, and she ended up giving me a gift from the same store.  It’s beautiful!! I think the most ironic part is that I got her a bracelet from the same online jewelry store. Twin minds definitely think alike.

Here are the photos!

Silver Bangle BraceletTurquoise Pendant

This holiday’s never been about the gifts, I just thought I’d share this ironic coincidence.

How was your Easter Sunday?  Did you get to be a goofball and dress up like the Easter Bunny?  Share with me your day! I’m interested and waiting!

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