Dad and a New Bass Boat

So, my dad thinks it’s time for a new bass boat. It’s rather exciting to see him giddy like a little boy, which only happens once in a blue moon. He’s a stoic man of 65 years of age. All of us refer to him as Clint Eastwood (he really looks like him too), especially after seeing Grand Torino. He gives great advice, but sometimes doesn’t apply such wisdom to his own life.

When I was 15 or so, he bought a motorcycle, then he got sick of it after 6 months, and I don’t think he’s cranked it since then.  Shortly after the motorcycle purchase, he bought a sports car. It’s a BMW M-series (not sure if those are made anymore) that he had custom designed. It’s a beauty, but he only drives it about 3 times a year. I guess the only thing that really matters is if it makes him smile. That’s pretty important.

So, now we move on to a new or used bass boat. I’m hoping he’s practical this time. I have directed him towards several online sites with the type of bass boat he wants, with  hopes that he will go with a used one, which will still be like ‘new’ to him.  I think we’re both quite fond of this boat. He loves red and this baby is a Stratos. From the reviews I’ve read online, it sounds like a great deal.

Watching the men in my life brings me to the conclusion that they are all very silly when it comes to man toys- Whether it be my dad and his shiny, fast vehicles or my brothers and their sleek, black rifles and handguns, or my friends and their iPads and iPhones.  Nonetheless,  they all make me smile and create the urge to roll my eyes.  I guess my cars and guns are jewelry and books.


Mountain Life

North Carolina MountainsI’m visiting my aunt Sarah, this weekend. I’m excited because she lives in the hills of western North Carolina. She has a beautiful log cabin with the nearest neighbor miles away. How nice that would be?!  That’s what I want when I’m old. I can’t imagine living in the city for the rest of my life. That would be one of my biggest regrets.

Sarah has a pond behind her cabin with a nice little dock. She also has a garden with vegetables and fruits.  The last time I spoke to her, she was excitedly anticipating blueberries. I’m sure they’re plumb by now. Blueberry picking is fun. Her dalmatian, Dally, even helps.

Ah, the fresh smell of pine. It gets kind of cool in her house. I like visiting in the dead of winter.  She has a nice fireplace, but ironically her home is heated by propane gas. I guess as she has gotten older, she’s too tired to split her own wood. Gas is convenient because it’s delivered the same day she orders it, but it doesn’t give off that wonderful smell.  What’s more ironic is Sarah used to be a naturalist. She interviewed at Balsam Mountain Preserve when they first opened some ten years ago, but she didn’t want to move.

So, we’re going to the Saturday Umbrella Market located in Pritchard Park in Asheville. I love markets, and yard sales. I’m looking for vintage chairs. I sand them down, stain them and add new upholstery.  I have renovated two since last year. I’m working on  a  dining room table set of mix-matched chairs. Cool, right?  If I don’t have luck there, I’ll just shop for sterling silver jewelry! Either way, Sarah and I are going to have a blast.

Memories like the shadow . . .

Do you ever have those days when you sit and think about the past? I can’t seem to get my grandpa off my mind.  But it’s everyday, not just today. I see his face every time I see something like an article about aquamarine gemstones that reminds me of him. I know that sounds weird, but it’s not. He gave Ellie, my mom, and me aquamarine stones he had gotten from a friend in Brazil. After he died, my parents gave my sister and me the stones and we had them set into white gold ring settings. It’s easy for me to get sidetracked.

It feels like forever since the last time I spoke with him. I was 15 and it was 1999. He was a wonderful person. The kind you’re so happy to know, admire and love. I could live to be 2,000 and never be the great things he was.

Pregnancy Pains

Last night, we celebrated my mom’s 63rd birthday. We had a great time. We enjoyed good conversation and cake!  Part of the night was focused on my sister-in-law Lily and her relentless back pain.

Lily’s in her second trimester and she’s huge! She’s having a little boy and I don’t know what it is about boys, but they do tend to position themselves directly in the center of the stomach. She looks like she has a basketball lodged in her abdomen. I believe she said she’s gained about 20 pounds thus far. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. So, this morning, I scoured the web looking for pregnancy tips to relieve back pain. I found a pretty good back pain article that may just help her. She said she’d try anything, so we’ll see!

Lake Hartwell SC

I’m really excited about this new baby. Lily is my brother Alexander’s wife. They met while they were attending Clemson in 1999. It’s kind of a cute story. They were both doing some bass fishing in South Carolina on Lake Hartwell. Lily was with her friends when she saw Alex fall off the dock. I think he’d been out there way too long in the hot summer sun, plus the few drinks he had literally helped to push him over the edge. She left her friends to go help him out of the water. They spent that day together.  And they’ve been together ever since. Of course, I heard this from Lily, not Alex.  Intimacy is so scary! Lol.

This is their first child. The name they’ve chosen is Philip Oliver.  Philip was our grandpa and Oliver is our great uncle’s middle name.  Sentimental names are the best! This Philip makes the 4th in our family. I’ve actually thought about naming my future son, Philip. I’m a long ways away from that day though!

Identical Twins are Fun!

Me and Ellie

Ellie and Me

Last night, I was listening to A Perfect Circle‘s song, Orestes and I was suddenly taken back to a few months ago when my family and I went on vacation to Sylva, NC and stayed at Balsam Mountain Preserve. It’s amazing and wonderful how sensations trigger our memory.  How lucky are we?

I played that song over and over last night just so I could feel like I was at the pool with my twin.  It worked. I remember our conversations, our drinks, and our suits.

Though, we had a great time, I miss her. We aren’t that far away, it does not matter, my soul still aches!  Our lives are hectic, so we don’t see each other so much. Oh, sweet separation anxiety!  Does anyone else experience that? I thought it would go away 5 years ago, but it hasn’t. Everyday I wake up and wish we lived together, but that’s not reality, for now.

Old Crow Me

I will be one old bitter lady if we aren’t living together by then.  My saliva will turn to lemon juice and my eyes will be like a crow’s!

July 4th!

South Carolina LakeI know it’s not the 4th yet, but I’m so excited about this holiday. This year the whole family is going to Lake Wylie. My uncle, Pete has a very nice bass boat, plus a platoon, so there’s room for the 17 of us.  I personally just want to drive the bass boat ( at 90 mph- yeah right ;}) in that beautiful South Carolina lake.

After a long day of bass fishing, swimming, eating, and talking, we’ll dock the boats and have a huge fireworks show in beautiful South Carolina.

My brothers go nuts over the fireworks. They bring there PVC pipes and wheelbarrows overflowing with the fun fire toys. I think the funniest part is watching them light about 10 at a time and then run as though they’ve just thrown a grenade, or two. It’s hilarious when one of them trips. I’m crossing my fingers and counting my lucky stars. This year’s going to be a winner.

What better way to honor our patriots than shooting off a ton of fireworks? Perfect!

I’m kind of excited for my niece and nephew. This will be their first adventure on a boat. They both love water, so maybe they enjoy slow tubing.

Small Bear

This photo portrays an angry bear, but bears do enjoy water. I love this little guy. I don’t have a more recent one of his cousin, my niece, Loren.  Loren sure loved it when we went to Balsam Mountain Preserve and went swimming in their pool. Ah, good times, good times.

What are you doing for the 4th?

Post Father’s Day

I’m not the best with bearing my werrords or emotions, much like my dad. So, we’re going to celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, on our weekly dinner night. I’m kind of excited about this special occasion because I got my dad a birthday instead of the appropriate one for this day. It’s a really cute card. I think I may  just put a dollar or two in it and call it a day.

My dad knows how much I care for him, plus he’s got everything he could ever want or need. I’m not throwing   away my money!

Before I left the Tuesday night dinner last week, my dad said, “Now remember, we’re not celebrating until Tuesday. So, if you show up on Sunday, we’re not going to let you in.”  That was pretty cute. I responded with, ” Well, if the telephone doesn’t ring on Sunday, I didn’t call.”  And I didn’t. No point in wasting his time.  Nothing better than banter!

Did you do anything special for your dad yesterday?

Birthday Week

Going to the folks house this evening. My dad’s 65th birthday is tonight, while my brother Alex’s birthday is on Thursday. I selected some bass fishing tackle and a seat. I had no idea what to get him. To me that doesn’t seem too special, but my buddies in my bass fishing forum seem to think he’ll enjoy anything bass fish related. So, that’s good, I guess. I wish I could buy him a house or something, or send him and Mom on vacation.  After all, 65 is a pretty big milestone, not to mention all the wonderful things they’ve done for my siblings and me.
Maybe I’ll win the lottery around the time of his 66th birthday, but I guess that would require me buying a ticket. Hmm. I don’t like throwing away my money on chance.

Alex is easier, as far as presents are concerned. I’m just going to give him a lame birthday card suggesting he needs to drink more beer with a 20 for beer inside. I’m joking, he probably won’t drink any beer. Alex is fairly conservative. I guess that’s why he has an accounting degree. Oh, I’ve been out for twenty minutes. . .got drool all over the keyboard. Accounting will do that to you. 😉

The phone just rang. Startled me!

Anyhow, big birthday party tonight! Yippee. I hope we have some good cake. I love cake, especially those large teeth-rotting cookie cakes with ice cream!  Hopefully, we won’t have pizza. I’m all pizza-ed out.

My birthday tradition is to bring those children party hats with the pointy tips. I love those. My 88 year old grandma, Sarah Bess, really enjoyed the Sponge Bob hats on her May b-day. I love acting like a kid!

Private Golf Community of Texas

Private Golf CommunitiesHey Golf-Lovers! I recently visited Tyler, Texas and played a round of golf on the most beautiful course.  I played on Eagle’s Bluff, which is a private golf community, and along the holes, there were these amazing vistas.  That was my first time seeing a vista. Isn’t that sad? Lol. Private Golf Communities

My sister and her family own some Real Estate on Lake Palestine in Tyler, Texas. So, since they’re members of Eagle’s Bluff, which meant that I got to play for free. That was nice.  We had a lunch and played a round of 18. It couldn’t have gotten better, well, my playing could have.
If you love golf and you’re in Tyler, Texas, this is the place to play a round.

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

The online sterling silver jewelry store from where I get a lot of my gifts, just added some new watches.  They have these gorgeous multi-stoned inlay watches, with onyx and opal stones. Also, they have lovely turquoise silver watches with bracelet bands, like the one in the photo. I think they would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. If your mom likes beads Silver Jewelry Etc. has several silver glass beaded watches that will go with any style.

This website has watches for men that are masculine, but also have authentic gemstones for those men that appreciate the stones. So, you can start thinking about what to get Dad for his upcoming holiday.

If you’re lost when it comes to gift-giving like I am, a silver watch may just be the right gift for your mom! Check them out today! It’s never too late to get her a gift, and these watches include Free Shipping!

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