Post Father’s Day

I’m not the best with bearing my werrords or emotions, much like my dad. So, we’re going to celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow, on our weekly dinner night. I’m kind of excited about this special occasion because I got my dad a birthday instead of the appropriate one for this day. It’s a really cute card. I think I may  just put a dollar or two in it and call it a day.

My dad knows how much I care for him, plus he’s got everything he could ever want or need. I’m not throwing   away my money!

Before I left the Tuesday night dinner last week, my dad said, “Now remember, we’re not celebrating until Tuesday. So, if you show up on Sunday, we’re not going to let you in.”  That was pretty cute. I responded with, ” Well, if the telephone doesn’t ring on Sunday, I didn’t call.”  And I didn’t. No point in wasting his time.  Nothing better than banter!

Did you do anything special for your dad yesterday?


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