Birthday Week

Going to the folks house this evening. My dad’s 65th birthday is tonight, while my brother Alex’s birthday is on Thursday. I selected some bass fishing tackle and a seat. I had no idea what to get him. To me that doesn’t seem too special, but my buddies in my bass fishing forum seem to think he’ll enjoy anything bass fish related. So, that’s good, I guess. I wish I could buy him a house or something, or send him and Mom on vacation.  After all, 65 is a pretty big milestone, not to mention all the wonderful things they’ve done for my siblings and me.
Maybe I’ll win the lottery around the time of his 66th birthday, but I guess that would require me buying a ticket. Hmm. I don’t like throwing away my money on chance.

Alex is easier, as far as presents are concerned. I’m just going to give him a lame birthday card suggesting he needs to drink more beer with a 20 for beer inside. I’m joking, he probably won’t drink any beer. Alex is fairly conservative. I guess that’s why he has an accounting degree. Oh, I’ve been out for twenty minutes. . .got drool all over the keyboard. Accounting will do that to you. 😉

The phone just rang. Startled me!

Anyhow, big birthday party tonight! Yippee. I hope we have some good cake. I love cake, especially those large teeth-rotting cookie cakes with ice cream!  Hopefully, we won’t have pizza. I’m all pizza-ed out.

My birthday tradition is to bring those children party hats with the pointy tips. I love those. My 88 year old grandma, Sarah Bess, really enjoyed the Sponge Bob hats on her May b-day. I love acting like a kid!


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