The Easter Bunny was Here!

I dressed up as the Easter bunny and gave out candy and hid eggs for the little ones yesterday. It was such a gorgeous day. I don’t have a picture of my bunny debut, but maybe I’ll get one up this week.

So, every Easter we exchange gifts, celebrate the reason of Easter, and have a big dinner. It’s your traditional southern Easter Sunday. Well, this year I got a great present from my sister. It was ironic because I had discussed in previous posts that I didn’t know which turquoise piece to give her on our birthday, and she ended up giving me a gift from the same store.  It’s beautiful!! I think the most ironic part is that I got her a bracelet from the same online jewelry store. Twin minds definitely think alike.

Here are the photos!

Silver Bangle BraceletTurquoise Pendant

This holiday’s never been about the gifts, I just thought I’d share this ironic coincidence.

How was your Easter Sunday?  Did you get to be a goofball and dress up like the Easter Bunny?  Share with me your day! I’m interested and waiting!


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