Silver Turquoise B-Day Gift

So, I asked co-workers and friends what they thought of my three choices (as listed in the first blog) and the majority voted for the silver turquoise butterfly pin.

I ordered the pin last Friday and it should be here today or tomorrow.  I still can’t believe this online silver jewelry store provides free shipping with any purchase. That’s pretty amazing.  I like deals and shopping           online is the best way to get them.

I can’t wait to give Ellie her gift.  I’m thinking about getting my grandma, Sarah Bess, this turquoise bumble-bee pendant for her birthday, which is May 8th.  She wears a lot of scarfs, so I think it would be perfect to pin them down.  What do you think?

Turquoise Bumble Bee Pendant

Silver Turquoise Jewelry

Thanks for your input!




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